One Visit Crowns in Scottsdale AZAll of us seem to be in a rush every day, caught in the daily humdrum of activities that require so much of our time. “If only time would stop for a while”, says a friend of mine in the coffee shop the other day. Time is of the essence. It simply cannot be stopped. All we need to do is to make use of our time well and avail ourselves of products and services that allow us to maximize our time. One such service is one visit crowns. These are dental crowns performed in one day; thus, saving us a great deal of time. For dental crowns that don’t require any delay, choose CEREC® one visit crowns – your only solution for dental crowns that require only a single dentist’s appointment.

How Are One Visit Crowns Possible?

One visit crowns are possible because of CEREC® technology. This consists of a CAD/CAM digital system and a milling unit to provide you with fast dental crowns. While the traditional method takes at least 2 visits to take your dental impression, send the model of your teeth to a dental lab, fabricate the crowns, and bond your dental crowns in place, CEREC® performs all of these steps in a single office visit.

First, your dental impression is taken digitally. This is then fed to a computer that analyzes the information given, and then creates a crown design. The dentist checks and perfects the design, and then feeds the design to the milling machine. The machine will create your dental restoration within minutes. Once the crowns are ready, the dentist can bond them onto your teeth right away  You do not need to wear temporaries or schedule another visit because your crowns are bonded in the same day that your dental impression was taken. In just one appointment, you get your permanent dental crowns bonded to your teeth for strength and protection.

Are One Visit Crowns Durable?

Some people have the impression that CEREC® one visit crowns are less durable than traditional crowns because they are fabricated quickly. However, CEREC restorations are highly durable, if not better than traditional dental crowns. The crowns are not only made of durable materials, but are also designed and fabricated with a high level of precision. Being computer aided, the process reduces any margin of error during the design and fabrication phase of your crowns. You get crowns that fit perfectly and crowns that last for many years.

Take Advantage of CEREC® One Visit Crowns

CEREC® one visit crowns are a true embodiment of contemporary dental care. Why take two or more appointments and bear with the discomfort of wearing temporary crowns, when you can get your permanent crowns fabricated and bonded in the same day? CEREC® provides you with dental crowns that don’t delay. For one visit crowns in Scottsdale, AZ, visit Belmont Dental Care today! Dr. Mark J. Fleming believes in the CEREC® system to provide patients with increased convenience and time saving benefits.

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