CEREC® One Visit Crowns in Scottsdale AZTime waits for no one; hence, we, at Belmont Dental Care, have invested in the CEREC® technology to bring you the convenience of one visit crowns. These are dental crowns fabricated and then bonded in the same day. There’s no need to wait and schedule another office visit to get your crowns in place. There’s also no need to wear temporary crowns while your permanent crowns are being created. CEREC® is like the “fast food” of dental crowns, providing you the benefits of fast and speedy one-visit crowns.

We once thought it wasn’t possible, but one visit crowns are finally here for your convenience!

Technology has accorded us so with so many useful gadgets to help us with our chores and provide us entertainment. In the field of dentistry, CEREC® one visit crowns make dental restorations very quick because CAD/CAM digital technology is used to perform the entire procedure. First, your digital dental impressions are taken. The computer analyzes the digital model of your teeth and then creates a crown design. Dr. Puneet Sandhu checks the design and makes improvements only when needed. Since CEREC® offers enhanced accuracy over traditional crowns, the changes necessary are often very minor or none at all. It is still, however, important for the dentist to study the design and see to it that the fit is perfect.

Once Dr. Sandhu is satisfied with the fit, he feeds the design to the milling unit. This machine is part of the CEREC® system, and serves the purpose of fabricating your dental crown within minutes. Once the crown is completed, Dr. Sandhu can bond it over your tooth right away, so you walk out of our dental practice with your crown in place. You don’t need to set another office visit or wear temporaries. You will get your dental crown fully bonded on your tooth on the same day that your dental impression is taken and your crown is fabricated. This essentially saves you a great deal of time.

Relax in our patient lounge while your dental crown is being created.

Patients often ask us what they’re going to do while waiting for their dental crowns to be fabricated. While it is always up to you how you want to spend your time, we offer several suggestions.

  • Take this opportunity to spend your time relaxing in our plush, comfortable chairs.
  • Watch your favorite shows on our flat screen television.
  • Read a good book.
  • Chat with your friends on your laptop.
  • Post about your dental experience on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Take a picture of yourself in our beautifully decorated office.

Come and See Us Soon!

One visit crowns are here to help you spend less time in the dentist’s chair and devote more time with your loved ones. This is available at Belmont Dental Care in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Puneet Sandhu will show you what our CEREC® technology can do, to speed up the process of a dental crown procedure. Meet Dr. Sandhu and the rest of our team, and allow us to show you personalized dental care that you will always remember.

photo credit: jylcat via photopin cc

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