CEREC Dentist in Scottsdale AZIn the past, it was impossible for humans to ever change their smiles and modify the appearance of their teeth. It was just impossible. Yes, people in ancient Roman civilizations may have been able to whiten their teeth but that was he farthest that they got and the whole of humanity before the world of cosmetic dentistry began to spread its wings. Currently, individuals can now have their teeth lengthened, fill in gaps and do all sorts of things with porcelain dental works. However, CEREC® technology pushed the limits of this technology further by allowing dental works to be completed in just one visit to the dentist.

What is CEREC® dentistry?

This is a new branch of dentistry which involves the use of the CEREC® system. This new technology is based on digital imaging as well as CAD/CAM technology. Instead of requiring that your dental impressions be sent to a laboratory technician as would be with traditional porcelain crowns and veneers, the idea is that the digital image will serve as a blueprint in order for the milling device to be able to carve out dental works which are to be bonded to your teeth.

How is the entire procedure done?

If you decide to get crowns and veneers through CEREC® technology, the idea is still the same as when you’re getting porcelain dental works but with a couple of adjustments. For instance, the teeth will still be prepared by shaving off a bit of the enamel layer so that the crowns and veneers just fit perfectly. But the difference is that instead of your dentist getting dental impressions of your teeth, this will all be swapped with simple photographs of your teeth. The pictures will serve as the guide for your dentist in making blueprints for your dental works.

The image of your teeth will then be sent to a computer and be converted into a digital version. The digital version will be used so that Dr. Fleming can carve out models of your restorations based on the digital images. These blueprints will then be sent to the milling device, which is located within his office. The milling duration will run for just less than an hour allowing you to wait. Once the dental works have been completed, your dentist can then bond your dental works to your teeth and you can walk away from that first and only dental appointment with a new and improved smile.

Dr. Mark Fleming has been quick to adopt the latest technology and has been offering One Day Crowns using CEREC technology in Scottsdale AZ for quite some time. Call 480-609-0050 today.

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