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Every year, we spend the first week in March celebrating the hard work of our beloved Dental Assistants during Dental Assistant Recognition Week. In honor of this well-deserved holiday, we want to introduce you to one of our favorite Dental Assistants at Belmont Dentistry- Janean Giller! Check out her interesting Q&A below and learn more about this life-loving “GiGi” and what makes her tear up during dental appointments!


What’s your favorite part of your job?

Meeting and Helping patients with their teeth if they’re in pain and improving smiles, The world needs more smiles!


What has been your most memorable moment as a dental assistant?

Doing total mouth reconstruction, Patients come in not smiling and with low self confidence due to not wanting to show their teeth. It makes me happy when they accept treatment and then, a week after the procedures, the patients come in saying how their life has changed and they’re smiling. Many tears have fallen from the patient and myself. This was my most memorable moment seeing how happy and unashamed they are about themselves.


What made you want to become a dental assistant?

I took a job for the summer while in college to help my family dentist. I enjoyed it and loved it so much that I ended up not going to nursing school but, instead, went to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry to become an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant. I can’t imagine doing anything else.


In one sentence, convince us why we should brush and floss every day.

For your overall health and wellness! 


What is one thing your patients would be surprised to know about you?

I am a GiGi, I have 3 grandkids. An 8-year-old granddaughter, 4 and 2-year-old grandsons.


Keeping your patient’s smiles healthy is the main focus of your job but what is one of your favorite guilty-pleasure-cavity-inducing snacks?

Chocolate cake, or dark chocolate candy.


If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?
The ability to fly so I could go to Kentucky every chance I can to see my family.

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