The problem with teeth is that for all their strength, they cannot regenerate when they are lost. This means that you would have to reconstruct any damaged tooth with the help of artificial material that mimics the lost calcified dental tissues. There are two materials which are often used include composite resin and porcelain.

Composite Resin

What it is. Composite resin material is a combination of plastic and glass. This means that while composite resin is malleable when has not yet hardened, allowing your dentist to mold it onto your teeth, this also means that when the composite resin has already hardened, it becomes rather brittle and can chip accordingly. At the same time, composite resin material is teeth-like in color.

What are the advantages? The most obvious benefit of going for composite resin material is the fact that it does not cost as much as compared to porcelain crowns. Porcelain can be more expensive as well as rather hard to work with.

What are the disadvantages? The problem with composite resin is the fact that it is brittle and isn’t as durable compared to porcelain dental works. This means that composite resin can easily break and chip off, and has a rather limited lifespan compared to the more resilient porcelain dental works.


What it is. Porcelain is also referred to as dental ceramic, and is traditionally made using clay. However, dental porcelain isn’t anymore done using the same rudimentary way it was in the ancient times. On the other hand, porcelain is made with the help of metallic and non-metallic components that form a very strong bond with each other, forming a firm, hard and teeth-like structure.

What are the advantages? Porcelain has the same translucency as your teeth, giving it the closest resemblance to natural teeth compared to composite resin. At the same time, porcelain is also capable of resisting stains unlike composite resin. More importantly, porcelain is incredibly durable and can last for much longer compared to composite resin material.

What are the disadvantages? The fee associated with porcelain veneers and crowns can be a deterrent for patients who need to have their teeth treated.


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