Kids Dentist ScottsdaleChildren will always be children. Whether that means gorging on too much sweets or not brushing when they should be, your kids will always be at risk for cavities and eventual tooth decay. And because tooth decay is a very painful process, it’s crucial that you help your kid avoid the formation of cavities. Unfortunately, merely telling your child that not brushing would lead to dental caries is not enough to really get your child enthusiastic about dental hygiene. So one of the preventive dental treatments you can opt for your child is dental sealants.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are liquid plastic coatings which are applied on the biting surfaces of molars in order to level the pits and fissures which have developed because of the various cusps. The valleys which are created by the pits and fissures lead to the formation of traps where dental plaque can accumulate. At the same time, they provide a protective coating to the biting surfaces which means that acids will have a harder time penetrating the actual dental enamel and causing damage.

How is the procedure done?

The entire procedure can be done with just one visit to the dentist. Your dentist will examine all of the molars of your child in order to single out the vulnerable teeth. Once he has done so, he will then clean the biting surfaces of these molars which include getting rid of decayed material by scrubbing the surface.

Once the tooth hs been cleaned, your dentist will then use a etching gel in order to prepare the biting surfaces of your teeth for the actual procedure. The etching gel must be placed on for just a couple of seconds, after which it has to be removed to prevent further damage of the tooth. An etched tooth will have a frosty appearance.

The tooth will then be dried and a liquid plastic is applied on the biting surface which will naturally run to the fissures and grooves of your molars. At this point, the sealing material is still in its liquid state. For this reason, your dentist will have to apply a curing light on the tooth in order to strengthen the dental sealants and cause it to solidify. The last part of the procedure involves ensuring that your child still has a good bite since the leveling of the pits and fissures could lead to an open bite.

Kids Dentist Scottsdale

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