Dentists have been using mercury fillings for decades, but many people are not comfortable with the fact that mercury leaks out of the dental fillings over time. We all know that mercury is a highly poisonous element, so you do not want your dentist to use mercury fillings on your teeth. Belmont Dental Care provides Scottsdale, AZ with a mercury-free filling solution.

Some of the problems associated with mercury exposure include joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and digestive disorders, and there are many others. You can help prevent these problems by choosing our mercury-free dental practice. Belmont Dental Care in Scottsdale AZ, a mercury-free office, lets you forget your worries if you want to get a dental filling.

Protecting your Health

Mercury-free dental practices like Belmont Dental Care in Scottsdale, AZ do not use toxic mercury fillings. Some people have silver-colored fillings that actually contain a lot of mercury, but mercury is so poisonous that nobody even uses it in thermometers anymore because of the risks to the environment and human health. Our practice does not use mercury in any procedures or treatments, to protect your health.

Protects the Environment

Mercury found in dental fillings is a toxic substance that threatens the environment. Because it is so toxic, you do not want this substance trapped in your teeth. Mercury-free practices, like Belmont Dental Care never use mercury because it can poison the environment, in addition to destroying human health. To give you an idea of the toxicity, mercury found in one average amalgam filling is enough to poison fishes living in a 10-acre pond.

Mercury-free clinics like Belmont Dental Care of Scottsdale, AZ, have amalgam separators, so mercury does not get released into the water supply through the wastewater system. We hire waste professionals to remove and process mercury that comes from our office.

Mercury Safety

Another problem that many of our patients face is the risk mercury exposure if and when they decide to remove their old amalgam fillings. Our office uses different techniques to minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal of fillings. Dr. Fleming is specially trained to remove mercury amalgam fillings safely. In fact, our facilities even have special air filters to prevent our patients from inhaling mercury vapor during removal of fillings.

If you want to know more about our mercury-free services, please contact the office. We look forward to learning how we can be of service to you.