Dental Health Scottsdale AZYou may have a ton of dental-related questions in your mind. But luckily, you don’t have to schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out the answers to these questions.

Will using a tongue scraper solve the problem with my breath?

Halitosis is caused by a number of things and do not always originate from your mouth. People with respiratory problems actually have bad breath as well because of the backflow of nasal secretions into the mouth. However, if your halitosis is because of bacteria inside your mouth, which happens 90 percent of the time, then using a tongue scraper can help. Of course, brushing up on your dental hygiene regimen also helps.

How often should I have dental x-rays taken?

Dentists advise their patients to go in once every six months for regular check-up but a child or teen with a history of tooth decay should have a dental x-ray taken once every six to 12 months according to the ADA. However, if you’re scared about radiation exposure, then you can opt to have an x-ray as infrequent as every 12-24 months.

Why should I abstain from drinking alcohol before getting a tooth extraction?

Alcohol consumption can actually make a person hypertensive and impede with the proper clotting of blood. As a form of precaution, dentists suggest to their patients not to drink alcohol a few days prior to an extraction.

Is pre-medication really required before a treatment?

According to the American Heart Assocation Guidelines, pre-medication is no longer required for patients who are opting for any routine dental procedure unless if they have a huge risk for developing subacute bacterial endocarditis or infection of the heart valves. If you have a known heart condition, check with your cardiologist first if you need to take antibiotics before heading to your dentist.

Do vegetarians have a reduced risk of having cavities?

Some people think that eating meat makes a person at higher risk of getting cavities but that isn’t the case at all. People who don’t eat meat like vegetarians have the same probability of getting cavities as those people who do.

How does thumb sucking destroy a child’s teeth?

Thumb sucking or using a pacifier can cause the development of an open bite where the front teeth don’t come together. However, this is prevented or at least corrected naturally if you wean your kid from his or her pacifier early enough. But if you feel like your kid stopped using his pacifier way to late, then your dentist can advise you on whether your child will need braces by the time he or she is 8 years old.

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