The other term of bad breath is halitosis. It can be embarrassing to many people because of the smell. In some cases, people with bad breath can experience anxiety because they are being discriminated by their friends or people that they have met. It is not easy to control bad breath because there are many things that can cause foul odor to be in your mouth. If you go to department stores, there are so many products that are related to controlling the foul odor in your mouth. Store shelves are overflowing with gums, mints, mouthwashes. They can be used to avoid bad breath. These products cannot permanently control bad breath because they act temporarily.

Tooth cavities can cause foul odor in your mouth. Your mouth contains a lot of bacteria, good or bad. If you have cavities, the bacteria will easily proliferate in that area. Constant proliferation of bacteria can cause the release of sulfide by products that lead to the production of foul odor. If you have cavities in your teeth, it is advisable to go to the dentist and tell the dentist to do something if your tooth can be saved or it should be permanently removed.

Disorders in the gastro-intestinal tract can cause also bad breath. Example of a disorder that leads to foul breath is hyper acidity. Hyper acidity can cause foul odor because the acid from your stomach has the tendency to go up and produce bad smell in your oral area. There are many types of drug that can regulate the acidic activity of the stomach. Example of drug that can be used to regulate acidity is the anti-acid drug.

Food intake can also result to bad breath. There are foods that can cause your mouth to smell foul. Examples are those foods with high level of sugar. Increase sugar can result to excess proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. Another food that can cause foul odor in the mouth is squid. Squid has a distinct odor that can cause bad smell of your breath. Food with high salt concentration can also cause foul breath. Salt can increase the level of acid in your stomach and it will trigger the appearance of hyperacidity.

The best thing to do if you experience bad breath is to consult your dentist to have a clear knowledge on why you are experiencing bad breath. Your dentist can give you a more thorough explanation on why you have bad breath.

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