Scottsville dentistTeeth sensitivity may not be a major dental concern. It’s not something which will make a person curl with pain for a majority of the day. However, given that it brings about pain when one is eating or drinking anything either hot or cold, teeth sensitivity can really affect your quality of life. Below are some of the things you need to know about teeth sensitivity so that you can prevent the onset of this dental condition, as well as so that you can control the extent of this condition.

Brushing can lead to teeth sensitivity.

It seems very ironic that brushing your teeth would lead to a condition such as teeth sensitivity but this is actually the case especially if you brush too hard. Vigorous brushing can irritate your gums and lead to the formation of cuts and bruises. Not only does mechanical damage lead to the inflammation of the gums but breaks in the gums can also allow microorganisms to enter and mount a full infection.

How can you brush your teeth without doing damage on your gums then? Dentists suggest holding the toothbrush at an angle so that plaque from along the gumline can be removed. Try brushing in circular, gentle strokes. You can even use an automatic toothbrush if you cannot control the force with which you brush your teeth. If you feel like you’re removing plaque effectively with the way you are brushing, don’t be deceived. Force actually does not have anything to do with how effective you are at removing plaque. You can brush as gingerly as you need to without worrying about whether you’re doing it right.

What you drink can lead to teeth sensitivity.

Are you the type to keep on drinking soda and other acidic beverages. If so, then the reason for why you have this dental condition could be because of the drinks which you are so found of consuming. Acidic drinks can actually eat away at the enamel layer of your teeth and expose the dentin layer which contains minute pores. The substances can then make their way to these pores and into the pulp region of teeth.

If you really can’t stop yourself from downing these fizzy drinks, then at least swish water after a sip or two of these acidic beverages. Doing so will help to cleanse your teeth and keep the acid from interacting longer with the enamel.

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