Scottsdale DentistDo you still remember the last time you’ve been to the dentist not because you had a tooth which was troubling you or because you needed an emergency teeth whitening procedure for your friend’s wedding, but simply because you’re there for a regular dental check-up? If not, then chances are that you’re one of those individuals who do not find the wisdom behind going to the dentist for a much needed dental check-up. But when you realize how important dental check-ups really are, you just might change your mind.

Your first line of defense.

Since dental conditions do not have any noticeable signs and symptoms until the condition has severely worsened, dental check-ups may be the only way for you to find out that you have cavities which in a few months could lead to substantive tooth decay or that you have gingivitis that can develop into periodontal disease any time soon. Dental check-ups will enable you to find out about burgeoning dental conditions and nip any problem in the bud.


One of the routine procedures which your dentist will perform during your dental check-up is the scaling procedure. When you have gingivitis or any form of gum disease, gum recession is a common symptom. When recession happens, parts of the dental roots become exposed. Plaque and tartar then start to accumulate along this region and cause further gum recession and exacerbate the current state of the gum disease.

The scaling procedure aims to prevent further gum disease from developing. The exposed roots are scaled for tartar, or mineralized accumulations of plaque, as well as residual plaque. Plaque and other dental debris are able to attach to rough surfaces much easier.

Filling cavities.

The second part of the dental check-up is to look for cavities. The presence of these holes is determined with the help of a special dental hook. Once your dentist finds a cavity, he or she will then remove the decay and apply a special adhesive in the prepared area. A composite resin material is placed and then a special curing light is used in order to cure the material.

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