digital radiographyOne of the things many patients in the dentist’s chair find particularly troubling is the prospect of the dental x-ray. We have long known that exposure to the radiation used to create images via x-ray can have long-lasting, harmful effects on our health, but for many years, most of us have accepted the risk in exchange for the diagnostic benefits that they provide. X-rays often help us maintain our health, as long as we use them sparingly and with a purpose in mind. Still, how many times have you wondered “Just how safe is it for me to have this x-ray tube pointed right at my head?” for the benefit of dental x-rays? If you’re like most people, probably every time! With little knowledge of our own exposure and what a safe level might be, we have to have a lot of trust in our dental care providers.

Digital X-Rays

Fortunately for us, a safer way is possible! Recent scientific innovations in x-ray technology have been introduced that can reduce the exposure to harmful radiation for both the patient and the technician. The digital radiography systems that are available to doctors and dentists now can create a highly defined x-ray image using as little as 10% of the radiation energy previously required by traditional silver-oxide film type x-rays. While there are no actual guidelines stating a safe lifetime dose of radiation for children, it’s generally accepted that it’s best to minimize exposure as much as possible for them because of their smaller size. Aside from the obvious benefit of reduction of radiation exposures, the digital radiography process also reduces waste; no chemicals are required for developing the images and images can be sent via digital media without use of paper copies. The physical principles of digital x-ray don’t differ much from the screen-film type of radiography, but has several advantages. Because a sensor is used instead of film, more distinct images can be achieved with much less radiation, and the images are able to be instantly uploaded to patient files. Patients looking for safer x-rays and environmentally friendly practices can find the procedures they are looking for at Belmont Dentistry of Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Mark J. Fleming shares and understands your needs and concerns and is proud to offer family friendly safer x-rays to help put your mind at ease when dental x-rays are needed.

The digital radiography service provided to the patients at Belmont Dental of Scottsdale, AZ produces the same level of image quality as traditional screen-film x-rays with the benefit of a fraction of the x-ray exposure. The environmentally friendly, safer scans are just one more way modern medical and dental technology has helped Dr. Mark J. Fleming keep his commitment to providing the safest dental solutions for technicians and patients alike.

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