When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are a couple of things which you have already accepted as basically gospel truths. But while these things may have some, or even a lot, of truth to them, the fact is that they only reveal the tip of the iceberg. So to keep yourself from being misled, here are a couple of things which you need to know to get the bigger picture:

Sweets are not the only culprits.

Scottsdale dentistNo, this is not a justification for why you it’s alright for you to gorge out on ice cream for dinner. However, you shouldn’t just single out sugary treats as the only thing that could ruin your smile. To begin with, the reason for why cavities develop when you eat a lot of candy is because the bacteria inside your mouth start producing a lot of acids which then eat away at the enamel of your teeth. This all boils down to the acids, so it’s only natural that your teeth would also become damaged if you consume acidic foods regularly. What’s the bottom line? Sour foods are just as dangerous as sweets are to your teeth.

Older individuals are just as prone to tooth decay as children are.

Are you tough on your kids when it comes to brushing, flossing or even that occasional candy? If so, then you should be just as tough on yourself as you are with your child. The reason being that older individuals are actually just as likely to have tooth decay as compared to young children. Bacteria inside your mouth proliferate and accelerate in their multiplication when there is little saliva. The action of saliva checks the multiplication of bacteria. Most of the time, the decline in the salival secretion is due to the intake of certain antihypertensive drugs as well as other medications, and that means adults.

Your gums are just as important as your teeth.

When it comes to ensuring that none of your pearly whites make it to the chopping board, then you need to take just as good care with your gums as you do with your teeth. If you think about it, your gums hold your teeth in place. This means that if these pink structures suddenly becoming weak and no longer capable of holding these teeth firmly, then it does not matter if your teeth have cavities or not, they will eventually fall off. Flossing keeps your gums healthy and pink.

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