It’s understandable how some individuals can be so perpetually scared of going to the dentist. With someone you do not know sticking a sharp, metallic material inside your mouth, this really isn’t an unreasonable fear. But what is unreasonable is when you avoid going to the dentist altogether because of that fear. At that point, you already have what is called dental phobia. Don’t let your dental anxiety determine your dental health status. With a bit of preparation, you can make every trip to the dentist as relaxed as possible:

Communicate your fears to the dentist.

Your dentist will always want to help you, and that involves making the procedure as comfortable for you as possible. But then again, he or she cannot help you unless you give them the heads up. So before the procedure starts or when you call in to book your appointment, ask to speak with your dentist and tell him/her which part of the procedure makes you the most nervous and include suggestions for how things can be easier on you.

Don’t hit the coffee shop before you go to the dentist.

Caffeine can cause your nerves to go on hyperdrive, like most of us already know. And given that you have a history of dental phobia, it’s best if you stay calm and collected and that involves not drinking coffee so close to your dental visit.

Listen to soothing songs.

Some people become nervous of going to the dentist because they are in unchartered and unfamiliar territory. But if this is the case with you, make things a bit more familiar by bringing an iPod and listening to your songs. Help yourself relax by allowing yourself to settle into something which you know.

Go to the dentist’s office earlier.

The earlier the better. You do not want to walk into your dentist’s office all frazzled because you had to beat the traffic, and then be immediately ushered into the dentist’s chair without even a time to collect yourself. Try to settle down before the dentist sees you and that involves arriving earlier.

Ask for sedatives if you are really that nervous.

Sedation dentistry is a new part of dentistry and involves the use of sedatives which make patients feel less anxious throughout the entire procedure. And best of all, more and more dentists are offering this service especially to their nervous clientele. So don’t be scared to ask for laughing gas or even oral sedatives in the case of dental surgery. Just make sure somebody picks you up right after.

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