dentist ScottsdaleYou know that you have to take care of your teeth. That is the entire point of why you have to go to dentists to begin with or brush your teeth at regular intervals within the day — to take care of your pearly whites and prevent them from getting damaged by cavities. But it’s not just cavities which can ruin your teeth. Playing sports can lead to facial injuries which can cause teeth to chip, crack or become broken. For this reason, you may have to physically protect your teeth with the help of mouth guards or mouth protectors.

The Perfect Mouth Guard

When it comes to mouth guards, your dentist wants you to go through a certain criteria for you to be able to judge if your mouth guard is properly crafted or not. First off, your mouth guard should fit properly and not keep on moving even as you keep on using your mouth for eating or speaking. At the same time, it’s important that you still retain your ability to eat, and breathe even while you wear your mouth guard. Finally, you want your mouth guard to be durable and to be easy to clean at the same time.

Benefits of Wearing Them

Chances are that you would not want to wear any mouth guard especially when you are playing a sport that basically flaunts how cool and physically fit you are. Wearing mouth guards would not essentially be seen as cool. However, when you think about the fact that wearing mouth protectors can keep you from having to deal with rather serious consequences, such as bone and dental root damage, you’ll be happy that you kept your mouth guard on while playing a round of football. And mouth guards can also help prevent cerebral or brain hemorrhages, jaw fractures and concussions. Given that these conditions are very serious, you’ll be a very happy guy if you had a mouth guard when a sports-related injury hits you, literally.

Teeth Grinding

Another reason for wearing mouth guards is that you would be able to protect your teeth from the effects of them grinding against each other. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause the dental enamel of your teeth to become worn down. For that reason, mouth guards may be necessary in order to cushion your teeth from the friction generated during these episodes. Your dentist may only require you to wear mouth guards while you are sleeping, since it is when you are unconscious that most of the grinding episodes occur.

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