Scottsdale DentistProblems with your smile can really get you down. In this age and time when society puts intense emphasis on beauty and perfection, a slightly crooked tooth or a bad bite can affect your self-esteem in the harshest of ways. Below are some of the things which you may have a problem with regards to your smile and ways to correct your grin:


There are two kinds of stains and, therefore, two ways to correct these stains. The exterior stains are stains which are isolated on the enamel region of your teeth. This type of discoloration is the easiest to correct and can be treated with the help of simple teeth whitening in Scottsdale. The hydrogen peroxide found in the whitening gel interacts with the external stain in order to give your teeth a whiter glow.

On the other hand, interior stains, or those found within inner layers of the tooth may require dental bleaching and even that does not assure the patient that the tooth will be whitened enough. For a more effective way of getting rid of inner stains, try concealing the entire enamel with dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Uneven Teeth

Dental grinding can lead to the formation of uneven teeth with the teeth receiving the most forces during the grinding episodes becoming more prone to wearing down. In severe instances, teeth can become considerably shortened up to a point when a person becomes vulnerable to dental infections and teeth sensitivity. If you are looking for a cost effective way to treat the tooth, you can opt for dental bonding procedures which apply tooth-colored composite resin on the biting surfaces of the teeth in order to reconstruct them. However, if you want a longer lasting solution, albeit a more expensive one, then you can opt for dental crowns.


Also known as gaps in between your teeth, diastemas can be a problem since it creates an open kind of bite. If the gap is the only thing that is wrong with your smile, then you do not need to resort to orthodontic appliances in order to rearrange your teeth and fill in the gap. In this case, you need only to widen the two teeth to bridge the gap, either through crowns or veneers in Scottsdale. However, if you have overlapping or crowded teeth, then you may need to wear dental braces in order to move teeth back into their proper positions.

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