Dental Implants in Scottsdale AZWorrying about lost teeth? Dental implants can solve your worries and provide you with tooth replacements that look and feel like your own natural teeth. This treatment is currently considered to be the best tooth replacement alternative in dentistry today because they have the closest resemblance to natural teeth. Here are the benefits that dental implants are distinctly known for:

Stability and Comfort

Dental implants are actually titanium screws placed surgically into the bone of your jaw. They are designed to fuse naturally with the jawbone; hence, implants offer unmatched stability and comfort. It’s the closest to having a new natural tooth with roots. Patients with dental implants, therefore, feel very comfortable with their tooth replacements. Many say that implants are no different from their natural teeth; they tend to forget about them in time. The experience is best described as very similar to having new teeth again.


Missing teeth that are beautifully replaced give you aesthetic benefits. The prosthetic teeth attached to implants can be made of porcelain, a material known for its natural tooth color and translucent quality. Porcelain appears very much like real teeth. Dental implants paired with natural-looking prosthetic teeth can most certainly improve your smile and overall appearance.

Durability and Longevity

A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that fuses itself securely with your jawbone. This secure anchorage is permanent; hence, dental implants are durable enough to last for many years, even a lifetime, with proper care and oral health maintenance. Implants are made from durable metal that blends well in the mouth. So long as healthy gums are maintained, your implants can last a very long time.

Ease and Convenience

Other tooth replacement options like dentures require special care and maintenance. You need to remove your dentures before sleeping and soak them in a cleaning solution, to keep it damp and well maintained. You also need to clean dentures with the use of a soft bristled toothbrush every day. While dentures need care and attention, implants require very little from you. Simply care for your dental implants like they’re real teeth. Brush and floss after meals and visit your dentist regularly. With optimum oral health, your dental implants can serve you for life.

Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

With all of the aforementioned benefits, self confidence and self-esteem are most likely to follow. Since lost teeth are replaced beautifully, your appearance improves and so does your speech. You are able to speak and smile confidently with people. This creates a positive impact on your life.

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