Dental Implants ScottsdaleTeeth are special in that while a majority of your body cells are capable of regeneration, your dental cells are not. And while your teeth are really hard and can withstand the forces that they are regularly exposed to, when they are lost, they cannot be regrown. There are a number of ways that you can have missing teeth replaced, but more numerous ways that you can lose a tooth or two.

Brush your teeth and get zero cavities.

Having a cavity-free smile is always on the top of your dentist’s agenda. Somehow, you are educated about the horrors of cavities at such an early age but there’s a real reason for why you should not allow your teeth to be touched by cavities. Tooth decay can lead to the destruction of the architecture of the tooth, exposing the sensitive inner layers, causing pain and necessitating extraction of the tooth.

It’s bad to neglect your gums.

Your gums, and the structures underneath it such as your jawbones, are crucial in keeping your teeth in place. After all, they serve as bed for these pearly whites. In this regard, when you develop gum infections which can lead to the inflammation of the gum tissues and their inability to keep teeth properly in place which leads to teeth, even healthy ones, loosening up and eventually falling off.

Wear your mouth guards.

You may look a little bit dorky for doing so, but that does not mean you can afford to not wear your mouth guards anymore. The fact of the matter is that when you are hit by a high-speeding ball or an opponent’s excited elbow, then your teeth be broken or completely knocked out. But mouth guards serve to cushion blows and protect your teeth from such form of injuries.

Now that you know how you can lose a tooth, then how can you replace teeth which you have already lost?

Dentures and dental bridges are always easy options but if you want to have a replacement for your tooth which looks and functions like the real thing, then you better go for dental implants. Dental implants make use of titanium rods which are buried deep within the gums and jawbones of the patient, mimicking the dental roots which are lost together with teeth. A crown is placed above the implant. This means that dental implants are sturdier, permanent and more realistic looking.

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