Gum disease treatment Scottsdale Gingivitis is one of the more common dental conditions that afflicts majority of Americans. This mild inflammation of the gums causes the gumline to recede in tis sufferers and exposed the fragile dental roots. But why does this condition develop and what is the most effective way to treat this dental malady?

Cause of Gingivitis

When you have poor dental hygiene, plaque accumulates on surfaces of your teeth especially the gumline. If this plaque is not removed promptly, then will turn to tartar after 24 hours. Tartar is that very hard and mineralized substance which forms on the edge where your teeth meet your gums. The problem with tartar is that it’s toxic. The more that your gums are exposed to tartar, the more inflamed it would be leading to gingivitis. At the same time, the bacteria in the plaque and the tartar will also find its way into the gums, causing an infection.

Treatment for Gingivitis

The main treatment for mild gingivitis is the routine scaling and planing procedure. The scaling procedure involves the removal of the tartar along your dental gumline in order to halt the exposure of your gums to the toxic substance. This makes use of a sharp tool in order to scrape off the tartar. Once this is done, your dentist will then perform a planing procedure which polishes the exposed dental roots to prevent further adhesion of plaque to these dental roots.

This procedure is done during routine dental check-ups and is one of the main reasons for why it’s important for a patient to visit the dentist at least twice a year. While there are other more aggressive and invasive means to treat gingivitis and other forms of gum disease, the scaling and planing procedure is the first line of treatment for mild gum inflammations.

Complications of Gingivitis

When gingivitis is not treated promptly, there is a huge chance for the inflammation to escalate and lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis involves not just the gum tissues but also the inflammation of supporting structures such as the bones and the ligaments that hold teeth in place. For this reason, periodontitis is the most common cause for teeth loss among Americans. And the worst part about periodontitis is that you can lose even your healthy teeth. Luckily, gingivitis is easily treated through professional dental cleaning as well as following a stricter dental hygiene regimen including rinsing using an anti-plaque mouthwash.

Gum Disease Treatment in Scottsdale

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