With the summer just around the corner, losing weight is definitely on a lot of Scottdale, AZ’s people’s minds. Shedding excess pounds helps to decrease your risks for certain diseases such as hypertension, joint pain, and diabetes. Dentists are now weighing in on the issue as well. New research now shows that people who are overweight have higher chances of having periodontal or gum diseases.

scottsdale dentistGum disease and losing weight.

It may seem unlikely that there is a connection between oral health and maintaining a healthy weight, but it seems there may be a tangible connection between the two. Periodontal, or gum disease, is a serious condition, causing the inflammation of the gums and the destruction of underlying tissues such as the jawbones. Gum disease may be triggered by cytokines, which are proteins that can induce an inflammatory reaction. Individuals who are overweight have higher levels of cytokines compared to those have maintained a healthy weight.

Preventing the onset of gum disease.

This does not mean that just because you’re in good shape doesn’t mean that you can cross off gum disease off list of disorders to watch out for. In fact, periodontal diseases are some of the most common dental disorders, with around 90 percent of the population at risk for gum diseases. However, just like everything else, all you need to do is to brush up on your dental health regimen in order to help keep your gums in tiptop shape.

Flossing- While brushing is the cornerstone of any good dental hygiene regimen, no regimen is complete unless you floss. Brushing will help to clean the front, back, and cutting surfaces of your teeth, but the bristles will not be able to reach the tiny spaces in between your teeth that flossing does. Flossing will prevent the build-up of food debris and plaque in between your teeth. This build-up is a potential source of inflammation. If you cannot floss your teeth after each meal, try to at least floss before going to bed each night.

Going to the dentist- There’s a perfectly logical explanation for Dr. Sandhu’s recommendation to have a cleaning and checkup once every six months. He can check the status of your teeth and gums, and perform the routine procedure which can help to prevent the onset of or treat the beginnings of gum disease. This procedure, scaling and planing, will remove any plaque build-up and then plane or smooth out the exposed roots in order to make it difficult for plaque and other debris to adhere.

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